Asbestos Testing & Removal Price Guide

If you suspect you’ve got asbestos or know that you need it removed, you’ll not be too worried about the cost of having your home tested or made safe. But just because it’s a vital job, it doesn’t mean that you should pay over the odds. Read our guide for information on how to get the best price for your asbestos testing or removal project.

General advice

Do your research

Do some research on what you need – have you had asbestos confirmed? If so, you probably don’t need another asbestos test. There are also different types of asbestos, so do some research on the type that you may have and you will get an idea about how much it may cost to have it removed.

Set a budget

Although you can’t leave asbestos once you know it’s there, it’s important to ensure you can afford it. Try to set a realistic budget and stick to that price range when you start to get quotes. You can pick the one that matches best with your budget and circumstances.


The only way to get an accurate price for asbestos testing or removal is to get a quote. But here are some typical costs that you can expect:

Type of asbestos service Approx. cost
Asbestos sampling £100 per sample
Asbestos management survey £170-£270
Asbestos demolition survey From £125
Asbestos air testing (basic background air test) From £60
Removal of asbestos guttering From £50 per m2
Removal of asbestos garage roof £380-£680 (single), £750-1800 (double)
Removal of asbestos garage ceiling boards From £1350
Removal of asbestos ceiling tiles From £50 per m2

The best thing to do to get a good price for your asbestos service is to get a range of quotes. Every business has different overheads, so there can be a wide disparity between the quotes you get.

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